EmbTao Fake Mustaches Self Adhesive Novelty Hairy Beard Costume Facial Hair

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20 beard styles (60 in total) with various colors included, share with all your family members and friends. Add a little extra fun to daily life - probably more than “a little”. Match custom with different mustache styles.

EmbTao fake mustache is made up of artificial fiber that is harmless to skin and human body. Both kids and adults can use it safely on their skin. Our product is very popular among younger people, it would be your best choice if you want to dress up as a funny cowboy, a pirate or some other figure.

The last thing you would want is that your fake mustaches failing off in front of everyone. EmbTao fake mustaches have a secure self-adhesive back that prevent it from falling off even when you drink with your fake beard on face. In addition, for removal procedure, just simply peel it off with one hand and it could be super easy and smooth to remove your beard - this is guaranteed.